Deadline extended to Monday, July 10th for Pearl Street Live Band and Party.

No deadline for Friday night.

Here is the list of registered and paid attendees. If you should be on it, let me know! Partyship funds available.

Here's who's coming so far! -7/8/17
Paul Arena
Francine Barber
Rick Beyea and Janice Youngman
Jeffrey Black
Ellen Blair (Gorman)
Dan Berger
Patti Burden
Patty Brocato
Melanie Caldwell (Barnett)
Rob Case
Karen Clarke
Joe Casaro
Bunny Cavallaro (Santa Maria) 
Diane Cookfair and Craig Steger
Joe Contino
Shelly Depew (Cooper)
Joe Dion
Brian Engleka and Darlene- Friday only
Ken Friedman
Dick Galanis- Friday
Bill Hill
Raymond Hokinson
Brad Hovey
David Hyzy
Larry Ilardo- Friday
Scott Kurland
Paul Levine
Mark L'Italien and Shawna
Debby & Cindy Maine
Doug Manzella & Dodee- Friday
Pauline Markowski (Gebauer)
Craig and Karen McVittie
Larry Mulvey
Lynn Murphy
Mark Murphy- Friday
Audrey Muscarella (Lorton) 
Jim Myers
Patricia Mytnik- Friday
Kathy Ohara
Mark Potazella
Kitty Ring (Flanagan)
Kathy Rodgers and Jim
Bill & Maureen Schnier
Mike & Moira Smalter
Paul Stewart & Betty Morris
Judy Taddeo (Porter)
David Van Stone
Vince Wagner
Chris Wieser
Sandy Yatt, (Weiss)

Carin Zakes
Rick Zappia