When I came to Combe 5 years ago, it was all TV, all the time. Fresh out of stints at Cliff Freeman and McGarry Bowen, I felt like I had traveled back in time. Our small creative team was given the mission to pull the classic Combe brands out of the 1970s and make them relevant to the modern consumer. While we were at it, we moved our messaging to where the consumer was hanging out and changed to a 21st century production approach- many pieces of fluid, versatile content vs. one :30 spot. I forged new production relationships with smaller, nimble content studios, and created structure and process for our internal capabilities via Combe Creative and Combe Post. Here are a few of the campaigns we've created... In 2017, we partnered with an agency and have begun a new hybrid way of producing content. Always re-inventing, ever-evolving.


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