Aqua Velva. For Generations.

Creative Team Melissa Avery & Tofer Moran described the campaign this way..

"It's a father's job to teach his son how to be a man. How to be tough. To respect your mother. To look for the fastball, but wait for the curve. To make mistakes. He taught you how to shave, and of course, to after shave. And Aqua Velva has been a part of that rite of passage since 1917. Your dad used it. His dad used it. Hell, even your dad's dad's dad probably used it. Because like Dad's words of wisdom or his lame jokes, Aqua Velva is handed down. For generations."



On location in the PNW

We headed to the Pacific Northwest to shoot this content campaign with The Academy and Director Sean Pecknold and EP Harry Calbom. Our production design team created our time-passage production with an eye to detail. Even our camera-crew embraced the authenticity with the use of VHS tag-sale camera technology.


It was your grandfather's aftershave. It was your dad's aftershave. And it was our challenge to reboot the brand to make it relevant to this generation.