Getting Away with Murder

Darien Arts Center, Winter, 2009

Directed by Carin Zakes

Producer, Dan Friedman

My life was complete when Stephen Sondheim showed up unexpectedly for a Saturday evening performance of his play on the eve of his 80th birthday.

Starring Raymond Michaud, Scott Faubel, Danielle, Mario Fuentes, Rasha Clark, Bill Gross, Neil Nothwang, Jeff Allen, Marc Hartog & Deborah Burke.

Director’s Note


Well, there are no catchy melodies in Getting Away With Murder, but there sure are a lot of falling bodies.  Sondheim loves puzzles and mysteries.

Like the complicated melodies and lyrics that populate his musicals, the overlapping dialogue and time leaps in this play make for a compelling twist on the murder mystery genre.

 The play, set in a psychiatrist’s office, not only deals with the usual “who done it”, when and to whom; it simultaneously explores the evils of human nature and the  “Seven Deadly Sins.”  In the audience, we are often a step ahead of the characters on the stage, wondering what lies ahead or behind as the case may be.

After two months of “group therapy” with me, the characters are now ready to open up and reveal their true natures to an audience. I hope that you enjoy the efforts of this talented and spirited cast.

 Thank you to my Producers, Ron, Chaz and Dan, my Stage Manger, James, and  the rest of the wonderful production staff for making it all happen.

 And now, sit back;


and, enjoy the show….



Carin Zakes