Just You.

For years Just for Men was a brand that was a punch line for a bad joke. The Just You campaign aimed at making the brand authentic, stylish and relevant to guys. For Combe's first large content campaign, we teamed up with director/photographer, Scott Toepher and the production team at Mod Op, LA. We shot profile videos with real guys as they also played rugby, rock-climbed, played in a band, styked, surfed and cycled. We filled the coffers of our video library and have been re-editing and re-puposing that footage ever since.


Profiles, in the courage, to color your gray.

All kinds of guys cover their gray. It's really no big deal.

Find the Guy @blindbarber and the roll-out of Ultra for the Mid-East and China

We sent some women in to a bar in Brooklyn to see if they could spot the JFM user. We then tried a similar trick with barbers in LA.  @blindbarber

We introduced Ultra, for the Mid-East and Hong Kong markets. The campaign was filmed in Malaysia. The crews were excellent- wish I could say the same for the air quality. It may look like some fancy atmosphere on that polo field, but it was really just the smog rolling in from Indonesia.