The Commons of Pensacola

The Wilton PlayShop, Wilton, Ct.

Directed by Carin Zakes

EP Carin Freidag

Stage Manager: Laura Ploss

Set Designer: Skip Ploss

Music Curator: Peter Green


Director’s Note

After Judith’s husband is arrested for the largest financial fraud in US history, she finds herself demonized, isolated and living in a condo in Pensacola, Florida. Relatives, friends and strangers speculate as to how much she knew and when she knew it. Family members are left reeling with the guilt-by-association they experience in the aftermath of the Ponzi melt-down. Privately, each struggles to reconcile the fact that they love/loved/are related to, a person whose very actions eviscerated the lives of so many.


I’ve enjoyed being back at the Wilton PlayShop directing this talented ensemble. Together we’ve pondered what it would mean to learn you are related to a criminal. The Commons of Pensacola explores themes of morality, guilt and forgiveness. Amanda Peet’s play raises questions with no easy answers and provides ethical food for thought for us all.


Enjoy the show.


Carin Zakes


The Commons of Pensacola

The Wilton PlayShop

February 2016