Let's Do Something

Vagisil needed a campaign that could change the perceptions of feminine health across many countries and cultures. By educating women through straight-talk, informed by 40+ years of research and expertise, and using a playful but modern design approach, we created a campaign that rallied women around taking control of their intimate health, without shame, taboos or blushing cheeks.


Design & Animation

We were lucky to team up with Buck on this campaign, designer and animator Gareth Brooks. EP, Anne Skopos. When we rolled out globally, we also worked with Le Cube in Brazil and in Simon Tibbs in the UK.

Shameless about Vaginal Health

Vagisil, A Herstory

Let's continue to be Shameless about Vaginal Health. We launched our Herstory Brnad Video in time for International Women's Day, 2017.

Editor Elisa Bonora created this film, narrated by Cecelia Peck. Sauce Executive Producer: Sylvia Kahn Versace, Graphic Design by Gwenaëlle. Gobé.